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Feeding giraffes at Elmwood Park Zoo

Feeding giraffes at Elmwood Park Zoo

Sean T. McMann — Grab a leaf of lettuce and feed the two male giraffes at the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, Pa.! These cute guys love to gobble the green stuff, and if you listen closely...

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Giraffes for Kids: Learn about Giraffes - FreeSchool

Let's take a look at giraffes and learn a little more about this familiar yet exotic animal. Have you ever wondered, how tall are giraffes? Or, what do giraffes eat? Learn those and more giraffe...

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Baby Giraffes Are Awkward - Cutest Compilation

Giraffes are majestic creatures, with long necks so that they can reach up high to eat vegetation. Although majestic when they're full grown, they're incredibly awkward when they're young....

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Giraffes - Africa's Gentle Giants - Nearing Extinction? BBC Documentary (Part 1 of 2)

Giraffes - Africa's Gentle Giants - Nearing Extinction? BBC Documentary (Part 1 of 2) Part 2: http://giraffes.purzuit.com/video/sDok_GyHTAU.html It's ironic that the life of one of the world's...

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See a Pair of Rare White Giraffes | Nat Geo Wild

Rangers spotted two extremely rare white giraffes in northeastern Kenya. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoWILDSubscribe About Nat Geo Wild: Welcome to a place so wild, anything can happen....

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High Diving Giraffes


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Giraffes walk, gallop and play at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Four of the reticulated giraffes at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo (UK), shown walking in their enclosure on 27 Jul 2014. The two youngest members - Bashu (2 years) and Willow (8 months) - then engage in...

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THE SECRETS OF THE GIRAFFE - National Geographic Documentary

Documentary Natural THE SECRETS OF THE GIRAFFE - National Geographic Documentary TOP BEST Documentary documentaries documentary documentaries 2014 Marijuana documentaries documentaries...

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Eating Breakfast With Giraffes In Africa

Watch Next: http://skr.cm/DOGnow Subscribe! http://skr.cm/SubscribeToStories Explore what it's like to live amongst giraffes at this exotic hotel. This weekly storytelling series uses the...

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ROLLIN' WILD - 'Giraffe ' - what if animals were round?

Another common wildlife scene in the world of \

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Crazy Facts You Didn't know About Giraffes

If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Grunge If look at a giraffe long enough, you'll start to suspect there's no way it can actually exist. With those long necks, spindly...

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A Neck and Neck Battle | Giraffe: African Giant

Giraffes utilize a very unusual battle technique. First, when they're young, they playfully joust. Then, when they become mature males the neck and neck battles could be a deadly game. ➡...

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Scholastic Interactive Giraffes Can't Dance


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Giraffe Drool | World's Weirdest

Giraffes' unique drool and tongue enable them to deal with obstacles to feeding — such as toxic plant tannins and red ants. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoWILDSubscribe ➡ Get More World's...

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Angry Elephant chases Giraffes

There was no obvious reason, but as the mother & calf approached the waterhole, the mother suddenly took a dislike to the Giraffes that had been drinking there. The most incredible thing was;...

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Five Little Giraffes - Nursery Rhymes Songs I Children Rhyme I Kindergarten Baby Song I Toddler Kids

Five Little Giraffes - Nursery Rhymes Songs I Children Rhyme I Kindergarten Baby Song I Toddler Kids Kidipedes - A safe destination for children to laugh, learn, play and grow Subscribe:...

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Feeding Giraffes with 20 inch Tongues!

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado lets you feed lettuce to Reticulated Giraffes in their specially built enclosures. They use their 20 inch tongues to gobble the lettuce from your hands!

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GIRAFFE: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning

GIRAFFE | Animal videos especially made for children. Made in the UK. Quality & educational videos. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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Giraffe Manor 2015

The iconic Giraffe Manor, located in Nairobi, Kenya should be on everyone's bucket list. Sharing your breakfast with the endangered Rothschild Giraffe is an incredible, totally unique experience....

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5 Amazing Giraffe Facts - Science on the Web #51

Stop taking giraffe's for granted! Join Robert and Julie as they view an amazing viral video of giraffe awesomeness and then school you on the amazing biology of these towering giants. Subscribe...

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Baby giraffe gives its mum the run around!

An adorable baby giraffe calf at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is giving its mum the run around all ready as it explores outside for the first time.

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Katie the Giraffe Gives Birth!

Katie the Giraffe gave birth! Watch the highlights as captured on Animal Planet's Live Cam. | http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/giraffe-birth-live/ Subscribe to Animal Planet: http://www.youtub...

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How did the Giraffe Evolve?

Despite being one of the most iconic animals on earth, few people are familiar with the natural history of the giraffe. Relatively little information about giraffe evolution is available online...

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Today I Learned: Giraffes!

Guess how long a giraffe's tongue is? You learn something new every day! Get ready to learn some amazing facts about giraffes in this episode of Today I Learned! The Pet Collective is...

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10 Amazing Facts about Giraffes for Kids! Learn about Giraffes (Educational Video on Animals)

Have fun learning with 10 Amazing Facts about Giraffes for Kids! From running, eating, and more. From their tall necks and long skinny legs giraffes are fun to look at and here you can learn....

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White Giraffes: Nature Documentary

White Giraffes: Nature Documentary A small population of the White Desert Giraffes remains in a remote area in Niger. This isolated population shares its territory with local people. These...

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Giraffe facts: 22 facts about Giraffes

Here are 22 facts about giraffes to help gain a better understanding of this amazing creature found in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Giraffes Can’t Dance | Children’s Books Read Aloud

Children's Books: Giraffes Can't Dance Read Aloud Become a Supporter: https://www.patreon.com/storybooknanny Support the Author by purchasing the book here: http://amzn.to/2jX9nCg Join...

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Kenyan hotel, sanctuary allows visitors to have breakfast with giraffes

Giraffe Manor, a boutique hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, offers visitors the chance to get close to their 12 resident giraffes.

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Growing Up Giraffe- Baby Giraffe Fall

On Animal Planet's series, \

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